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Alcove Arts is an artist-run, not-for-profit organisation that promotes the creative industries in the Far North. We aim to provide a platform from which artists both locally and internationally can collaborate on projects for the benefit of the local community and beyond.



The organisation grew from the desire to provide a creative space for community based projects. We aim to use this space to enrich the local community through increased access to arts and culture, by building sustainable cultural networks, and having a supportive environment for practising artists to develop a body of work.

Our focus will start with creating leading, multi-disciplinary arts education programs for local youth to enhance future opportunities in the arts both for themselves and for the region.

Bringing artistic expertise from outside the region will serve as a catalyst for the cross-pollination of ideas and practice with the existing artistic community.

alcovearts.org provides an online network to document and promote the vibrant arts community and associated events in the area.