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Alcove Arts was delighted when up-and-coming interior designer Leela Bhai, accepted the task of redesigning the organization’s pottery-workshop.

Having grown up in the area, Leela is well aware of the historical significance of the building to the Far North arts community and sees this, as it’s main asset. Potter Toby Stafford built the studios in 1985 where he produced a significant body of work that became iconic to the area and helped build the positive, personal history of the valley as a hot spot for creative production.

“It strengthened the idea that you could make a living in the Far North through the creative industries”.

The main workshop will be re-designed to include an office space, reception area and library for Alcove Art’s guests and artists in residence. Leela plans to reference the building’s past by incorporating found objects and materials that have a history of use and meaning to the site, but to keep the place streamlined and functional.

“You don’t really want to modify and change things too much because you’ve got your landscape, that’s your golden ticket, you’ve got your site and you don’t want to compete with it you want to nestle into it, you want to have much more of a partnership”

A similar philosophy will be taken with renovating the gallery and art studios.“You don’t have to forge something new you just have to ride the next wave of it. You’re keeping something alive. You’re blowing on the embers”.

Renovations will start this summer 2015/2016.

By Ina Arraoui